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Mark and Kristen Morgan

New York City Travel Guidebook

New York City Travel Guidebook

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Take the stress out of planning your trip to New York City with our comprehensive 60-page digital eBook. We explain everything you need to know about the top attractions, popular museums, observation decks and how to save money. What makes our eBook unique is that you'll have clickable links directly to hotels, attractions, restaurants, rooftop bars and so much more. Plus, you'll find an exclusive interactive map which you can use throughout your trip to easily navigate throughout the city.

After living in New York City ourselves, we show you ONLY what you need to know, including:

-Getting to Times Square from NYC's 3 airports
-How to use the subway
-Where to find the best bagels and pizza
-Pros and cons for each observation deck
-Top attractions you can't miss
-Map showing all the major highlights
-Unique itinerary ideas for 1-5 days

This is a digital travel guidebook that you'll download. You can save it to your smartphone, tablet and desktop computer. Plus, you can print the file so you have a hard copy.

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New york is somewhere i've always wanted to visit but I only had a short break. This guide book was perfect for us, it helped us so much. We could plan our whole long weekend because of it and not waste any of our precious time working out what to see. I really like the user friendliness of it. Keep up the good work, I will definitely download other guides, so helpful.