Our Story

Hi! We're Mark and Kristen Morgan, former career scientists turned travel pros after an 18 month honeymoon around the world changed our lives forever.

Since 2018 we've explored more than 40 countries across 4 continents, and we've visited over 30 US states.

We completely fell in love with traveling to new places, hiking amazing trails and mastering the art of travel photography.

Today, our website Where Are Those Morgans helps more than 2.5 million people to plan vacations each year, and helping others visit the same places we've been ourselves is what motivates us!

The idea of creating this travel shop began when we created a handful of digital travel guidebooks for the places our audience was reading the most, like New York City, New England and Yellowstone.

We bought many traditional travel guidebooks as we explored the world, but we were always overwhelmed by how big they were. No, we don't need to know about every single hotel and restaurant in Paris!

So we decided to make concise, to the point, easy to digest pocket guidebooks for our readers. And the beauty of a digital guidebook is that you have instant access to links for all attractions, hikes, restaurants etc in the area, as well as our exclusive interactive maps!

We quickly sold more than 400 guidebooks through our blog and we received incredibly positive feedback, so it was an easy decision to create a store and get them out to more travelers.

Our guidebooks are created from our own first hand experiences, and we don't use AI in any way. They're always tried and tested by us.

Photography has been the biggest surprise for us since we began traveling. In classic zero to hero fashion, we went from having no idea about photography to it being our major passion in life. We started out with our iPhones in 2018, bought our first beginner camera in Tokyo in 2019, and then in 2021 we went big with top spec gear.

Sunrises, sunsets and nights are our favorite times of day to be out with our cameras, and you'll see plenty of soft light prints in our travel photography gallery.

What makes our photos different is a real and authentic style. Early on we decided that we wanted our photographs to be a genuine representation of what our audience would see if they visited themselves. We found ourselves being disappointed time after time when a landscape, monument or structure in reality looked nothing like the photos we'd seen.

So if you buy any of our prints, you can rest assured that's exactly what you can see when you visit in person!

We hope you find our travel guidebooks helpful and you can find an appreciation for our authentic travel photography.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and keep traveling!

-Mark and Kristen